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Quran was revealed to Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) 1400 years ago and has been the source for guidance for all the generations since then.

Initially when it was revealed, Muslims were restricted to the parts of Saudi Arabia where Arabic was both spoken and understood, but when it started spreading, non-Arabic speaking nations also started accepting Islam.

This was a concern, since although they did read the scriptures but were not able to understand what it said. This is where Tafseer ul Quran came in; which is the translation of the Quran into the local languages so it is easier for the people you understand what they are reading.

To understand Quran, the word we use is “Tafseer” which means “to explain and describe”. Tafseer comes from the letters (fa-seen-ra), or (fassara) means to explain, to discover, to disclose (a hidden thing), and to interpret.

The Quran and Sunnah have been the key guidance for anyone who wishes to implement the religion properly. The Tafseer of Quran is of dignified importance if a person wishes to understand the Quran with its true spirit and meaning. Understanding of Quran is greater than a simple reading of translation and one gets much more blessings of Allah Almighty.

There are several reasons that the Tafseer is of great importance but the main reason is that Allah has sent the Quran as a book of guidance to mankind. Man’s purpose is to worship Allah. He can do so while keeping himself in the domain of Islam and according to the guidance that Allah has revealed regarding this, but he can do so only if he completely understands its meanings, implication, and interpretation.

Tafseer of Quran helps numerous Muslims around the world to get guidance in their everyday lives and hence forwarding these teachings to other fellow Muslims, as one can do so while acting upon the commands of Allah if he or she has the knowledge of the Holy Book.

Facts About Holy Quran

Allah Almighty said about Quran: “This is the Book (the Quran), whereof there is no doubt, guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqoon [the pious]” (Quran, 2:2)

In Hadith Prophet (SAW) stated that: “Whoever recites ten Ayahs (verses) in qiyaam will not be recorded as one of the forgetful. Whoever recites a hundred Ayahs (verses) in qiyaam will be recorded as one of the devout, and whoever prays a thousand Ayahs (verses) in qiyaam will be recorded as one of the muqantareen (those who pile up good deeds).” (Abu Dawood)

Why us?

We teach Quran Tafseer through best tutors who have detailed knowledge of their subjects and will provide you all the help you need in to understand in detail, the Holy Book. Our religious scholars have very extensive knowledge of both Quran and Hadith.

We have classes available for both male and female students and are not restricted to any particular region as we have students from all over the globe.

Both male and female students are taught in different classes by separate teachers. We are the most trustful Online institute of Islamic Learning so if you are in search of a place that meets your Quran education requirement, we are the right platform.

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