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Being a Muslim it’s our fore most duty to recite holy Quran on daily basis no matter what or how much busy we are. Quran is important because the house in which Quran is recited receives numerous divine blessings. The word Tajweed means to improve or to do better.

Tajweed is an Arabic word; Tajweed of Holy Quran is the knowledge and application of rules and recitation of Quran. The aim of Tajweed is to make the reciter proficient in Quran so that he or she should be fully aware of the knowledge being mentioned in Quran. Every Muslim has to recite the Quran in prayer so it is important to get through the Tajweed in order to understand the literal meaning of Quran.

As we being Muslim know that reading and reciting Quran is not the same. It’s an art to recite the Quran and to learn this art is full fledge education. We know the seriousness of Holy Quran as every word comes directly from Allah. So every Muslim should be serious about the recitation of the Holy Book. Command over the recitation is likewise important and to recite the verses is a beautiful feeling itself. This course is also important as it enable us to recite Quran in its true spirit. With the help of Burj ul Quran you will be able equip yourself with this mandatory education at your home online.

Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) encouraged Muslims to bring beauty in their voices while reciting Quran. This can only be done when one will learn how to add beauty in it. Our Tajweed course will help you learn the true pronunciation of the Arabic words and join them beautifully. We will let you learn the rules of Quran Tajweed so that you will be able to recite without any mistake.

The importance of Tajweed

Allah Almighty addressed His Messenger, Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam (may Allah exalt his mention), in the Qur’an, Saying (what means): “…And recite the Qur’an with measured recitation.” [Qur’an 73:4]

Allah Almighty says in the Noble Quran: “Those to whom We have given the Book recite it with its true recital. They [are the ones who] believe in it. And whoever disbelieves in it – it is they who are the losers.” (Quran, 2: 121)

We will help you master some basic components of Tajweed including focused pauses and rhythms of words which produce key differences in your voice while pronouncing them.

The better the recitation will be the more it will have stimulating effect on heart and soul. As Quran is the poetic language of Allah Almighty so being Muslim it’s our duty and it will create the sense of satisfaction to Learn Quran with Tajweed and recite it as beautifully as we can.

Only expert and highly qualified teachers can teach you Tajweed in true sense and its application. We are proud of our hard working and dedicated staffs that are competent enough to teach you Quran with Tajweed. Proper recitation relays on stretches and pauses while producing sounds. Recitation with beautiful voice is as important as recitation without mistakes.

We Burj ul Quran offer you Learn Quran Online with Tajweed and correct pronunciation we are available for Online Quran Courses with the convenience of time according to students. We offer our student to learn with our online teachers through one to one contact where teachers pay full attention to every single student and don’t move forward to other chapter until they make sure previous one is fully learnt.

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