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As a Muslim it is our religious duty to get the Islamic education. It is very important for us especially if we are living in modern culture. Islamic Education is a necessity for our children so that they get the religion education while living in modern countries. Islam is the identity of Muslims so we should not forget it. We have to get the Islamic knowledge and teach our children to ensure that they follow the path of Islam. Following the steps of Islam their future will be protected.

Making The Foundation

Islam teach us the ideal way of living life. Islam is not merely a belief but it is absolute conduct of life. Islam tells us what Allah wants us to do, so as a Muslims we should live our lives according to the commands of Allah. it is the duty of parents to make their children study their beliefs in order to practice it. At the younger age the children learn more and quickly so it is our duty to make their interest to study the Islamic education. Children can be mold in any way as they have the kind heart and brain. Children observe the surroundings and quickly absorb it. So, it is the duty of all the Muslims parents to start teaching their children about their religion at their young age. They will easily absorb any thing which fascinates them.

The Prophet of Allah (blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

” Everything in existence prays for the forgiveness of the person who teaches the Qur’an – even the fish within the ocean.”

The Course We Offer

We have complied this course in such a way that it is very good for children and new Muslims. They will be able to know the fundamentals of their religion. This course is for everyone men and women as we include the topics like the life of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), Fiqh, Tauheed, Duas, Hadith, History and holy Aimmah. The Online Islamic Studies Course also includes the necessary religion education and our instructors will give information on the values and faiths.

We assure you that we teach this course in keeping our context in the domain of Islam. No man is perfect, so we don’t have 100% accurate knowledge to give your children. Burj-ul-Quran have the professional tutors who give the accurate knowledge.

Facts About Holy Quran

Allah Almighty said about Quran: “This is the Book (the Quran), whereof there is no doubt, guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqoon [the pious]” (Quran, 2:2)

In Hadith Prophet (SAW) stated that: “Whoever recites ten Ayahs (verses) in qiyaam will not be recorded as one of the forgetful. Whoever recites a hundred Ayahs (verses) in qiyaam will be recorded as one of the devout, and whoever prays a thousand Ayahs (verses) in qiyaam will be recorded as one of the muqantareen (those who pile up good deeds).” (Abu Dawood)

Why Us

Formal madrassas might not give you the desired knowledge that you need, because they might lack unavailability of educated and qualified tutors. We the Burj-ul-Quran is the best option for you because we have the qualified staff. You will get the best experience in learning the religion Islam. Our tutors will tell you what actually is Islam? Instead of giving your children the vague information you should hire a professional or have a reliable source so that they get the true knowledge of Islam and they don’t follow the wrong path.

Children who live in modern countries and attend high schools have hardly a time to get in touch with their faith. So that they have to go to the Islamic Studies Academy after their busy life, which is very difficult. The Burj-ul-Quran take this initiative for those people who are keen to get Islamic Education while staying in their private comfort.

Join Us Today

join us and we will help you to get the Islamic education so that you follow the rightful path which was told us by the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.). you will also have a chance to learn more about Islamic culture and moral values. Having this course, you will learn the miracles of Islam. There is no restriction of age anyone can take this course. We are not ranged to a single region but we offer our services to the Muslims living all over the globe.

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