You can choose any plan which suites you. After submitting the plan, you can have your three days free trail for that plan. You can choose any from the following plans.

Mainly we are accepting the fee in following currencies: United States Dollar, United Kingdom Pound, Canadian Dollar and European (Euro). If the currency in your country is different than these, then you can ask us so that we give you the plan according to the currency of your country. You can choose the following plans or you can have your own customized plan which is not mentioned here with the same rates.

We charge fee monthly basis which also includes the holidays. We also offer discount for the needy people. You have to pay in advance to have our services after your trail expires. 

United States Dollar (USD)

United Kingdom Pound

Canadian Dollar

European (Euro)

Payment Method

We accept the payments via Credit Card, Master Card, Visa Card or PayPal. We use the Higher PCI compliance to process your payments so that you pay securely.

You can also transfer payment via Online Bank Transfer Askari or any other payment transfer via Western Union or MoneyGram.

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