Frequently Ask Questions


Burj-ul-Quran is a globe Islamic Academy. Our prime goal is to provide Quranic Education to people in all over the world. We started this project to teach Holy Quran to the people who wish to but they can’t due to lack of resources.

How is the Teaching Staff?

As it is the Holy task to teach the Holy Quran to other peoples so we have selected the most qualified instructors for this Holy duty. They not only give the best knowledge about Quran but they also provide relevant Islamic knowledge to their students. For this Holy task fully trusted instructors are selected.

How Can I Register

You can call us or you can fill our online form to register yourself (Register Now). We will get back to you via an E-mail or call you as soon as possible. you can mail any time; our Email response is online 24 hours a day.

Once we get your online Registration form we will contact you as soon as possible. we will also guide you to install relevant software’s for better understanding. You will get three-day free trail after you get registered. We let you the judge to choose our services or not. We are happy to give you our services. Hurry up and don’t miss the chance to avail the free trail.

How Would Online Classes Take Place

You have to decide the suitable time for you to have the class. The Software’s will be used for your help and for the conversation. Students can see the tutors screen by which you can understand the best, it is upto you that you want to turn on the screen or not while taking class. It is totally upto you want to take class on video or Audio.

Rescheduling of a Class Missed Due to Teacher or Student?

The missed class will be rescheduled in case the student gives the prior notice about the cancellation of a class.

Do you teach Quran only?

No, we offer extensive list of courses that we provide which are apart from the Quran Learning. You can view the courses detail that we offer at our website.

Is Online Quran Learning Helpful?

Of course, Yes, Online Quran Classes have proved to be very helpful to people according to our experience till now. Online Quran gives a leverage to students to learn Quran at home where they get the comfortable environment that is extremely important for learning Quran.

What if me or my child is not a computer and/or Internet Expert?

Do not worry about that our we will guide you the whole step one by one. We will help you to install the software’s. it will only take not more than 20 min when you are installing the software’s. Next time it will take less than a minute to be online and start taking class. You just need the very basic know how with computer and internet, you don’t need expertise in computer to take the class.

Things you Need

To take class you have to get the following things to get the best experience with us:

1. Desktop computer / Laptop

2. Fast internet connection

3. Head set or hands free with the working microphone and speakers

4. Software’s for the assistance (we will guide you)

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