About Us

Who We Are?

Burj ul Quran is a well-known teaching institute that provides you the basic knowledge of Islam and also illuminates the fundamental concepts of Islam to all age groups.

Burj ul Quran is not being affiliated with any organization. it runs on its own will as a volunteer work to provides the basic knowledge of Quran with all authentic references regarding ahadees and sunnah. Burj ul Quran purpose for existence was purely productive. The goal was to train and allocate all the scholars and the teachers to work as a team so that they can enlighten the students with overall aspects of Islam mentioned in Quran. Burj ul Quran which is non-fanatic association is doing such a remarkable and highly appreciated efforts to make people aware about Quranic teachings.

If we talk about faculty and staff members, coaches are preserving people of high bore who realise well how to continue effectively in a benevolent situation to produce productive outcomes. all our teachers and other coaching staff are just outstanding in the profession having full command and skills in different languages so that they can communicate well with students across the globe regardless of social and cultural differences. We train our all guides before allocating them under studies. We continue master minding, diverse preparing programs, and supplementary classes for the coaches to keep them super energetic.

In modern era where science and technology has completely embedded in our society Burj ul Quran works as a wake up caller for Muslim Ummah to bring them to right path and enlighten the human mind to follow the teachings of Islam. The faculty staffs is super cordial, energetic, experts and hand working giving all students friendly, informative and secure environment so that they can learn, ask and discuss all the queries without any hesitation and hurdle. Scholars are also taught by the association not to be harsh with the students on asking question again and again, students are fully permitted to ask questions frequently without any barrier of hesitation.

Burj ul Quran is providing their remarkable services across the worlds who are determined and motivated to equip themselves with the knowledge of Islam. The sole purpose of the association is to polish all those passionate students who are keen to learn the Holy Book of Allah Almighty and they have desire to produce the greatest outcomes but do not have sources to get this education in formal way so we provide them Online Quran academy.

Why Choose Us?

You choose us because we are THE BEST choice available at the moment. In the market where everyone is in race for money, we believe in transferring the Allah Almighty’s message to every corner of the world in the most affordable prices.

We have Exclusive courses for you and your children in fact for every Muslim belonging to any age group. Our courses include:

Noorani Qaida for kids:

In Noorani Qaida classes we teach you Arabic letters, joining letters, lower and upper case, using vowels, silent letters, and punctuation. We enable you to recognize the Arabic alphabets and equip yourself with the basic concepts of Islam. The most important thing of our course is the correct pronunciation. Our lessons are divided in different chapters. Basic course is specially designed for beginners and kids who will let them know how to join Arabic alphabets and to pronounce the word in correct manner. Plus, the students would be able to read the word along with punctuation.

Learn Quran with Tajweed:

Tajweed is an Arabic word; Tajweed of Holy Quran is the knowledge and application of rules and recitation of Quran. The aim of Tajweed is to make the reciter proficient in Quran so that he or she should be fully aware of the knowledge being mentioned in Quran. Every Muslim has to recite the Quran in prayer so it is important to get through the Tajweed in order to understand the literal meaning of Quran.


As a Muslim it is our religious duty to get the Islamic education. It is very important for us especially if we are living in modern culture. Islamic Education is a necessity for our children so that they get the religion education while living in modern countries. Islam is the identity of Muslims so we should not forget it. We have to get the Islamic knowledge and teach our children to ensure that they follow the path of Islam. Following the steps of Islam their future will be protected.

And many other courses.

We offer you all these courses in very reasonable and affordable price according to your needs and requirement. We offer you international standard education at your home in your budget. We provide you the opportunity to schedule your classes according to your availability because we understand your busy routine.

We offer you Three days Free trail which will help you choosing Us amongst all.

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