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Islam is the true religion in the world. By equipping ourselves with its education, it gives us satisfaction, guidance, sense of fulfilment and clear direction to the righteous path to success. Burj ul Quran is a leading Online Quran Academy where people belonging to any age group can learn Quran online. In this age of modernity you, your children and even your parents can learn and revise Quran online with us any time anywhere. We offer you the combination of conventional and modern ways of Quran education with the best online Quran learning experience.

For the people involved in holy education we can offer Online Quran Learning opportunities with our extensive syllabus and finest tutors for one to one student-teacher contact. We have made it possible to provide you the best teacher for online learning Quran at your home. We aim to let Muslims around the world to equip them with the basic knowledge of Islam and pass it on to the next generation with confidence because it is the key to success in this life and hereafter.

We the Burj ul Quran offer you three day free trial of exclusive Quran classes. Our vision is to see you as role model of Islam and the example for humanity.

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Start Learning Quran Online with Tajweed Today!

Burj ul Quran is an online Quran academy educating students of every age starting from Noorani Qaida for kids to Tafseer e Quran, Translation and memorization of Quran. For our beloved brothers and sisters who do not have the facility of learning Quran in their area we provide you the dynamic solution and offer you the best platform to gain the sacred knowledge through our Online Quran Academy. Our vision is to enlighten every Muslim with knowledge of Islam in the best way possible.

Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“The Best amongst you is the one, who learns Quran and teaches it.”

Being Muslim it is our duty to teach our children the Holy book of Allah Almighty and transfer them the true teachings of Islam. In this era of modernity, we are providing you the formal education in an innovative way with the mixture of conventional and modern tools by letting you Learn Quran Online.

Burj ul Quran is providing the online Quran classes for different courses. Our students are able to get the best Quran education with the correct pronunciation even when they do not have any one physically present to guide them.

Teachers are like candles, they lit you in a way that nobody else can do. Our teachers are the most competent, Professional and expert. They will teach you variety of Quran courses at your home starting from the Noorani Qaida for kids to Tafseer, Translation and Memorization of Quran for adults. With the true dedication and concentration one can easily achieve his goals easily. Our teachers are capable enough to keep their students focused and motivated. We understand that every student has his own level of understanding, so keeping in view their speed of learning our expert teachers guide them with due concentration and attention. Female teachers are more recommended for female students and kids. We have the most friendly and cooperative teaching staff, including male and female teachers.

We believe children are quick learner as compared to adults; it is easy to mould them in the way you want to so we encourage parents to enrol the kids as soon as possible in the sacred education in Noorani Qaida for kids.

Burj ul Quran is the best E-learning platform at affordable price, our aim is to spread the knowledge of Islam to every Muslim in every part of the world. We believe in educating individuals within their budget so that there would be no hurdle in their way to learn Quran Online. We provide our students the convenience of time too. Burj ul Quran will provide you the environment in which you will enjoy your education. We provide education for all age groups. Every member of the family can benefit himself with the Online Quran Classes with Burj ul Quran.

In this world of competition where everyone is in race to earn more, we proudly present ourselves as the best online platform whose sole purpose is to educate the Islamic teachings and transfer the message of Allah Almighty to every single person. As this is the world of technology every individual has access to internet so it is not difficult for the people living in those areas of world where they are unable to find an expert teacher for Islamic studies. We are the right choice for such Muslim brother and sisters, all they need is to connect their gadget with the internet and get themselves registered with us.

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